AirScout Live provides continuous, real-time monitoring of the Wi-Fi® environment giving you the visibility you need to effectively plan and troubleshoot wireless networks in less time .

AirScout LIve PRO easily identifies Wi-Fi® related interference and provides a real-time look at how your network is being utilized and by what down to the client.

Access Points

Get a live view to identify common problems like suboptimal signal or incorrect channel.

Channel Utilization

Instantaneous 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz measurements of any channel's utilization and interference.

No Training Required

Technicians of all experience levels can operate the system effectively without expensive training

FREE Phone App

Free on Android phones! AirScout Live plus Wi-Fi analyzer and Ookla speed test compatibility.*

*AirScout master client needed for AirScout Live and Ookla speed test functionality.


Power up and get a live look at your network within seconds. Instantly get list views and graphical representations of in-range access points including signal strength, security protocol, SSID, channel, channel width, MAC address, and radio capability.